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Boston’s High-End Cannabis Dinner Series

Boston’s high - end CANNABIS Dining

Cook. Taste. Inspire.



Eat Sacrilicious is a PRivate fine dining experience unseen before.  Typically ranging from 5-8 courses, we will take your taste buds through an epic journey producing pleasure through the violation of taboos.

Every course is infused through a unique vehicle that is complimentary to the flavor profile of the dish. our goal is to celebrate the terpenes (flavor structure) of each strain instead of hiding them in the food.


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What to Expect


You can expect a 5-8 course fine dining experience paired with hand selected cannabis based on flavor profile, stain, and effect. Our overall goal is to introduce cannabis into fine dining environment while staying food focused.


Customizable Levels

The cannabis element of our dinners is customizable per guest. When you enter our events we will check in with you to make sure you have an experience where you are in control.



We want our diners to be informed and to walk away with a stronger understanding about cannabis and the different ways to consume it. Throughout the meal we will explain each dish with its cannabis pairing.



Food is the center of everything we do. Cannabis is the compliment to the food. Every meal is unique and is curated to the season and local ingredients.

An experience like nothing else
— Attendee